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How’s everyone liking Heroes and Heralds mode? What’s your team and deck set-up so far? http://t.co/9uFdiukQ

23rd December 2011
Official Ultimate MvC3 Hori stick now available

About a month ago we announced this brand new fighting stick would come to the US in December, and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened. This UMvC3-branded stick (for 360…

22nd December 2011

Max is starting season 2 of his Assist Me tutorial series! What character do you want to see featured? http://t.co/q4hBf3wD

21st December 2011

Our free DLC, Heroes and Heralds mode, comes on a day where we also hit 400k fans on Facebook. Thanks everyone!! http://t.co/MZEajMiH

20th December 2011

LevelUp will be streaming the hottest UMvC3 action all weekend at SoCal regionals. If you wanna see all the top… http://t.co/WX6jTQnH

17th December 2011
Full Heroes & Heralds Ability Card list revealed

Do you now or have you ever liked a Capcom game? What about a Marvel comic book? If you said yes to either of those questions, you’ve got to check out this complete list of the Ability…

Looking for the full Heroes and Heralds card breakdown? Look no further, we’ll be translating and posting them… http://t.co/vMryfDz0

Heroes & Heralds: Ability Card spotlight on three classic Capcom characters

Now that we’ve outlined the Online and Offline modes for Heroes & Heralds - out December 19 in all territories as free DLC - it’s time to take a look at the Ability Cards that power…

16th December 2011

Capcom Unity goes in-depth on the online portion of the Heroes & Heralds mode. Post in the comments and let us… http://t.co/QVeutlhN

14th December 2011
Heroes & Heralds: The online campaign

The first stop in our weeklong look at the upcoming Heroes & Heralds DLC - due 12/19 in all territories - examines the Online campaign. Odds are this is where everyone will spend most of…

13th December 2011
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